Hello, and thanks for stopping by my site.

My name is Jack Bielan (pronounced BEE’-lun.).

I’m a music composer, writer and keyboardist based in a suburb of Los Angeles.  I’ve been fortunate to work alongside many gifted artists - some with whom you or your family might be familiar - including James Taylor, Seals & Crofts and Bobby Vinton.  I’ve written songs for companies like Motown Records and I’ve been awarded a Gold Record.  I’m also fortunate to have been associated with recordings which have sold in excess of ten million copies.  

Like you, my life has included momentous challenges.
Along with an abundance of extraordinary blessings, I’ve also experienced loss of loved ones, the ravages of addiction, the heartache of lost love and endured my quota of adversities. In the process, I've often made things a lot more difficult for myself by manifesting a hundred varieties of fear, insecurity, self-pity and self-sabotage.

But by the Grace of Almighty God, I’ve survived.  And in the process I’ve finally come to recognize that sometimes our worst challenges ultimately afford us significant opportunities to make our lives their most meaningful. 

I've learned that in the aftermath of facing our most
crucial crossroads, our resulting responses and choices define the rest of our lives.

Will we choose to remain forever consumed by disillusionment, or at some point do we cautiously allow some new light to shine in?

Will we stay eternally mired in blame and remorse, or instead somehow find the merciful wisdom to consider measures of forgiveness - of others and ourselves? 

In the midst of seemingly unending outrage and confusion, will we also fight for moments of clarity to consider that the God Of Our Understanding hasn't really abandoned us, and that when we cry... He cries with us?

Will we choose to find precious quiet moments to be reminded that no matter what we've said or done, God
still believes in us?

I'm convinced that if we can gradually find the strength to experience more moments of faith in The Almighty than fear of the unknown: then ever-so-slowly - on His Holy Timetable, not ours - we'll be guided onto extraordinary new paths.  We'll be directed toward quietly remarkable opportunities to be of service to others, which will bring unprecedented new purpose to our lives. 

And every time we make a choice to show-up for one of these new Divine Assignments, we'll ultimately be rewarded with subtle, miraculous reintroductions to personal fulfillment, gratitude and serenity.

With regard to my music, you may want to know that all of it is self-produced.  I’ve sacrificed a lot to complete my writings and recordings, but I'm experiencing the fulfillment of finally doing what I believe God wants me to do. My hope is that you’ll feel motivated to honestly bring some of my music and words into your home, and that they will be of some comfort and inspiration to you at a significant time in your life.

And maybe you'll write to let me know if they had an impact on you, so that we might become a little part of each other’s lives.

Thank you for helping me to fulfill my life’s greatest ambition. May God bless and watch over you and those you hold dear.