God_Makes_Mistakes (Just On The Chance That Sometimes)
God Makes Mistakes
Jack Bielan’s stunning new CD featuring eight songs of hope,
inspiration, recovery and surviving life's greatest challenges.
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Serenity Serenity
A CD single of Jack Bielan's renowned song of faith and surrender,
inspired by the benchmark prayer of millions worldwide.
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From_The_Heart_of_Jewish_Soul From The Heart of Jewish Soul
Jack Bielan's trailblazing album of original, contemporary Jewish music. Features ten exhilarating, inspirational songs and prayer settings, performed by Jack on keyboards with an all-star line-up of singers and musicians.
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Kol_Hatovim_Holchim We Only Lose The Best (Kol Hatovim Holchim)
A CD single of Jack Bielan’s gripping, heartfelt song of remembrance, “We Only Lose The Best”, exquisitely sung by Ron Li-Paz.
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