God Makes Mistakes by Jack Bielan
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God Make Mistakes" CD and booklet,
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(Just On The Chance That Sometimes)
God Makes Mistakes

Jack Bielan's stunning musical compilation of hope, inspiration, recovery and surviving life's greatest challenges. Eight memorable new songs certain to elevate your heart and soul, chronicling a fearless musical expression of faith questioned - and miraculously regained.

Includes Jack's renown song of faith and surrender, "Serenity (The Serenity Prayer Song)", inspired by the benchmark prayer of millions worldwide.
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Also included within the CD: Bonus booklet by Jack Bielan titled "Does God Make Mistakes?" A detailed account of a man's relentless search for clarity in the midst of unthinkable trial. A journey from disillusionment and hopelessness- back to the Light of fulfillment, gratitude and renewed purpose.

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